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Soapbox Studio Postcard Project

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

During the period of time that we are unable to use the Soapbox studio due to lockdown, a group of 13 of us participated in a postcard project, creating 13 postcard-size prints at home by whatever means possible and mailing to the other participants.

Here are the postcards I've received so far:

Niko FrostThree layers of pochoir with ink, topped with a lino cut, on French paper:

Karen Lowry — Pochoir with watercolors:

Amanda D’Amico — Pochoir with Ink Stamp Pads, paper dipped in water and ink, color Stabilo pens:

Karen Lightner — Suminagashi (Japanese Marbling) on Stonehenge paper:

Olivia Caro — Pochoir (acrylic paint) with hand-painted details on handmade paper.

Erin Tohill Robin — Collagraph made from plants, intaglio wiped and printed:

Mike Spangler — Rubber-stamped ambigram (“magic”) on laser-printed postcard with additional stamping and hand-coloring:

Lily Jensen — Reduction linocut:

Marisha Simons — Serigraph:

Mary Tasillo — Pochoir and watercolor:

Beth Kanofsky — Watercolor:

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